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Water filtration systems are a great choice for homeowners

10 Reasons Why You Need a Water Filtration System

Why you need a water filtration systemResidents of California’s largest cities might get tap water that meets most government safety standards, but it still poses some health risks and needs to be better purified, according to recent studies. The report “What’s on Tap” (by the Natural Resources Defense Council) concluded that outdated waterworks and pollution badly influence the quality of drinking water that people receive in many cities of California, including Downey.

That’s why most of California residents would buy bottled water or install water filtration systems and never drink from the tap. Filtered water is much better for humans than tap water, because most of the harmful contaminants and sediment have been eliminated from it. To buy bottled water on a regular basis is pretty expensive – instead consider the following 10 reasons to install a top-quality water filtration system at your home:

  1. Enhanced Child Development: Studies have proven that clean drinking water is an imperative factor when it comes to appropriate physical and mental development of a child.
  1. Contaminants: There are presently over 2,000 contaminants in unpurified drinking water that are known to humanity. This list contains a couple of poisonous items as well. Among them are chlorine, chloramines, fluoride and high minerals. To get rid of these harmful substances a water filtration system would come in handy.  It is a great investment in your property, your health, in your drinking water system, and even your clothes!
  2. Disease Prevention: Drinking clean, filtered water helps to protect your body systems from various diseases, improving your health condition in general.
  1. Clean water will be provided for your entire home: That means your hands, face, your whole body, your clothes and even your dishes will be cleaner and fresher due to the filtered water used to wash them.
  1. Preventing cancer: According to recent scientific studies some cancer types have been connected to toxic materials found in tap water.
  2. Convenience: Water filtration systems do not require shower filters, bath filters, and garden filters because they attack the problem as soon as it starts creeping into your home.
  1. Purified water around the clock: Water filtration systems provide clean drinking water on a constant basis – no exceptions!
  1. Elimination of lead once and for all: A study accomplished by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proves that about 500,000 cases of learning disorders every year are connected to lead residues contained in the unpurified water.
  1. Benefits for your clothes: Your clothes won’t be damaged as much with every wash in case if your water contains less sediment, chemicals and minerals. This means it will last longer.
  1. A clean water source: In a lot of major municipalities, water is piped in, chemically treated and sent to homes totally unfiltered! Is this the quality of water you and your family want to use for drinking, cooking and bathing? A water filtration system provides a constant clean water source for your entire household!

Our water quality is being relentlessly attacked every day and we might not even be aware of this fact. Contaminants from multiple sources continue to pollute our water supplies at an alarming speed either by accident or intended chemical treatment. Clean and fresh water is critical for your overall health. Do not wait and remove elements and particles creeping in your water!

Water filtration systems are a great choice for homeowners who want to make their water more suitable for drinking, bathing, laundry and other household purposes. If you need such a system, consult the experts from Downey Heating Plumbing & Air Conditioning and we will offer you possible options of water filtration.

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