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5 Questions you must ask

Sometimes you need an expert plumber to help you with a problem in your home. The one thing you do not want to do by mistake is ask the wrong questions when you are looking for a plumber. Here are the 5 questions you must ask!

1.  Do you have a license? If a plumber does not have the proper licenses stay away from them! The last thing you need is to discover that you have someone who is unlicensed working on your plumbing problems!

2.  Do you have experience? Let us face it everyone was a beginner at one time or another, but if you have serious plumbing problems do you want a rookie working on them?  There are times when a highly trained professional are required and plumbing problems definitely creates one of those times!

3.  Can I get an estimate? Well we all know that estimates are just that – however they will give you at least a guideline to discuss what work has to be done and what it is going to cost to have it done. Even if the estimate turns out to be slightly lower than the end bill, you will at least have a way to question why it is higher.

4.  Do you have references? Do not hesitate to request a reference (or more) from a plumber. You should feel comfortable that the professional you are hiring is the right person to do the job the right way the first time.  This can save you money and grief down the road.

5.  What are your standard costs? While a fee schedule is not always ground in granite because they are subject to change, chances are that your plumbing contractor can provide you with a basic schedule that outlines their hourly charges for specific types of jobs.

It is seldom (if ever) recommended that you go with the cheapest plumber, let us face it, you get what you pay for!  Understanding the needs of your plumbing job can help you find an expert in the field and still have a cost effective repair completed.

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