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Avoid Plumber’s Visit During This Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving Day is a great holiday for people all over the United States and it is not just about turkey, excess food and guests. This holiday has a deeper meaning to it – it is the time when we say thanks to God who blessed us with so many things in life!

The day after Thanksgiving (“Black Friday”) is the busiest day for the nation’s retailers. Although it’s not just the retailers who get busy on Black Friday, it’s also the nation’s plumbers!

In preparation for festivities, the hosts plan big holiday meals including turkey, casseroles and pies. All the cooking and cleanup of a mess afterwards can produce a lot of waste in the kitchen drain and garbage disposal. Also if you invite guests to stay with you during holidays, this requires additional work of your washer, showers and toilet. Consequently such an excessive use of appliances strains your home plumbing.

“Black Friday” is definitely the day when no one can take a break. The calls to our plumbing technicians at Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning significantly increase and customers complain about clogged drains, overrunning toilets, burst pipes and broken garbage disposals. Often, drains are already partially clogged at a house, but they are ignored until guests arrive on holidays and overload the plumbing system. No wonder why the plumbers get so many calls.

Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning brings up seven points on how to avoid a visit from the plumber on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday:

  1. Your kitchen drains are not meant for washing fats or cooking oils down them. Grease hardens with time inside the pipes. Wipe grease from pots and pans with paper towels and throw them in a trash can afterwards.
  2. Do not place fibrous or starchy waste in the garbage disposal. Turkey skins, celery, fruit & potato peels cannot be completely split.
  3. Do not wait until your garbage disposal is stuffed to turn it on. It should be already working when you put waste and leftovers into it.
  4. If you host guests for the weekend, have them wait 15 minutes between showers in order for the drains to do their job.
  5. Cotton balls, swabs, facial scrub pads should never go down a toilet.  Remember that they do not dissolve and will cause blockages sooner or later.
  6. If you are aware of any plumbing problems at your home, take care of them before the holiday season and arrival of guests. However; if you do experience unexpected plumbing emergency during holidays, find out about extra holiday service fees beforehand and call experienced plumbers such as those at Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.
  7. Take preventative measures, because minor plumbing problems can quickly turn into plumbing disasters if not taken care of in time.
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