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Bathroom Remodeling: Raised toilets and sinks

Bathroom access is a major concern for homeowners wishing to age in place. In addition to shower or bath needs, toilet and sinks must also be considered. Fortunately, options for improving access for these are not costly or difficult.

One of the biggest problem areas can be as simple as the height of the existing toilet seat. As homeowners age, sitting and standing can become an issue. Raised toilets have a seat height of 17 to 19 inches from the floor. A professional contractor can even adapt the floor base to allow for some additional height. For an inexpensive or temporary solution, a homeowner might wish to consider using a padded seat, which can provide an extra two inches in height. A solid grab bar should be provided next to the toilet for assistance. Grab bars do not need to look like hospital equipment and can even be purchased to match existing décor.

Kohler has introduced a toilet that looks more like a stylish end table and does not resemble a toilet at all. Hinged lids easily open and close to reveal the actual toilet features. The unit is designed to be installed anywhere that has accessible plumbing. This type of toilet could be a wonderful option for a homeowner that does not want to walk frequently to a distant bathroom. The unit does need to be installed by a professional contractor.

Macerating toilets are an option for adding additional bath fixtures in areas that are not set up for sewer plumbing. Up flush systems operate by pumping sewage to existing sewer lines. Sinks and even shower drains can be attached into the system allowing homeowners to install extra facilities without breaking concrete or other major modifications to their home.

Pedestal type sinks allow easier access for anyone confined to a wheelchair. Pedestals come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to match existing décor. They add space to the bathroom area by eliminating the base cabinet. The removal of the base also allows for easier access for homeowners confined to a wheelchair.  A bathroom remodeling specialist can help you get the most out of your bathroom and make it more accessible for everyone in your home.

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