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Before Calling a Heating Contractor

For the most part we take for granted that when we need our heating system we need do little more than turn on the thermostat. But, from time to time when we do this, our system simply will not start up.  There are 5 simple things you can do if your system does not start up before calling a heating professional.

Check the Power Supply – have you blown a fuse? One of the most common reasons a system will not start is that the fuse has blown. Replace the fuse and try again!

Reset – even if your problem was a blown fuse, you may need to hit your reset button to make your furnace turn on.  You might need to wait a short period of time (up to 30 minutes) if the furnace went out suddenly. Make sure the motor is cool.

Switch – if your home has a separate switch built in that controls only your heating system check that.  For some reason these switches always seem to be where they can be easily hit by a passing arm or elbow.  The good news is that if this was your problem you’ll be well on your way to a properly heated home in no time!

Source of Fuel – as silly as this may sound, your fuel may be low. If you heat with oil (or propane) your system may need more fuel than is currently in your tank.  Those with natural gas heaters should make sure that there has not been an incident that caused the gas to go off or the pilot to go out.

Your Thermostat – did someone in your home change your thermostat or does it have a short?  Simply increasing your thermostat by five to ten degrees should help turn your system back on.  If this does work make sure you set it back to the normal levels.

After performing these steps if your furnace has not come back on then you should consider contacting a heating professional.  But, these five easy tips can save you money if any one of them was the problem!

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