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Best Choice For You: Gas or Electric Water Heater?

When considering the purchase of a new water heater, it is important to remember that gas and electric water heaters differ in more ways than just the energy source used. You will need to balance the price, safety concerns, and the demand level for hot water in your home when making your informed choice.

Commonly, gas water heaters are thought to be cheaper to operate than electric water heaters. This can be true, but they may not be cheaper to operate over the long run. As electric power rises in price the edge may go to the gas power source in time. Though both types of water heaters require careful  installation by a professional, the gas water heater burns fuel to heat the water and will require proper venting. The extra installation step will of course raise the cost of installation.

Whether you choose a gas or electric water heater, it is important to remember that both types need to be installed by a qualified professional heating and plumbing expert. There are zoning requirements and safety regulations that must be met. Your local plumbing company will have the information, equipment, and expert personnel to get you set up with the water heater you need.

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