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Caring for a home garbage disposal:

The garbage disposal is one of the most convenient of modern fixtures. That is when the disposal is working as it should. When the disposal clogs or breaks down, we have a serious problem on our hands. When you have your sink piled high with dirty dishes, you want to rinse the residue down the drain, load the dishwasher, and be done with it. You do not want to hear a frightening grinding noise followed by a terminal clash of gears and a backup of hideous drain water. To avoid a situation like  this, make sure you have a good garbage disposal, properly installed, and then keep it clean and maintain it well.

Cleaning is best accomplished by using the unit properly, by not putting the wrong things down it, and by running plenty of water before, during and after use. But you can also try some simple home remedies to keep things clean and sweet-smelling. You can put some baking soda down the disposal drain and follow up with some hot water. That helps with the odor problem. You can also use a little bleach, being sure you have good ventilation in the kitchen. You can grind some citrus peel through the garbage disposal occasionally.

When these home measures are not enough, and your garbage disposal has become a serious problem, it is time to call the plumber. Your local plumbing contractor can handle that malfunction, and get your garbage disposal back in shape to do its job quietly and well.

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