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Considering Home Heating Basics:

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a warm climate often take our home heating systems for granted. We use our heating systems seldom. But when we want to warm the house, we expect to turn the heat on and have the house warmed. In case that doesn’t happen, or if you are planning a new system in a new home, it might be good to know something about the basics of home furnaces.

There are oil and gas heating furnaces. Many of us use heat pumps both to cool and to warm our homes. There are other home heating systems available, such as the type that circulates solar heated water through the floor. Whatever type you have or are considering, try to be environmentally conscious in your choices, as much as possible. Select the most Earth Friendly product when you can. Set your thermostat to a reasonable level. Have a heating professional in once a year for a home heating system check up. That will help with both efficiency and safety. If you do decide to install a modern high-efficiency home heating system, your local heating contractor will be an excellent source of advice.

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