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Dealing with a clogged toilet:

A clogged toilet can be anything from an annoyance to an emergency. The clog can often be cured with simple home tools and easy methods. The plunger is the first tool to try. If that doesn’t bring relief, try the auger. There is a plumber’s auger designed for toilets, having a bend to get around the first corner and a covering to keep from marring the porcelain.

If you cannot reach the clog by going through the toilet, you may consider lifting the toilet and trying to get a little further down the drain. Once the toilet is off the floor you will have access to a clog that was just out of reach while going through the toilet with your auger.

If that sounds a little drastic to you, it may be time to call the plumber. If you are the thoughtful type, you may have the plumbing professional’s number already in your phone. If not, a trip through the phone book or a quick web search will put you in contact with a friendly and helpful plumbing pro, well equipped and prepared to deal with your plumbing emergency.

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