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Energy and Money Saving Tips with your Water Heater Usage

The winter is just around the corner, so it would be a perfect time to consider saving on your water heating costs while staying warm and comfortable at the same time. Just think about complaints and troubles of your friends in regards to these costs, especially in older houses. Depending on whether you use gas or electricity, there are some ways to save a couple hundred dollars every month applying the following strategies. However, the tips discussed in this article may not fit everyone in terms of geographical locations. The West Coast citizens may not heat their homes as frequently as those on the East Coast. If the comfort and convenience matter more to you than savings, then choose wisely.

  1. Regulate the temperature of your hot water heater

The hot water heater has to maintain the temperature programmed for the water day and night, but if you wish to significantly save on electric costs, plan on using hot water at certain times and on a steady temperature.

  1. Regulate your thermostat

To cut on home heating costs, check the temperatures of your thermostat. You can save significantly on energy consumption if your thermostat is set properly. 70 degrees is a perfect temperature setting in the heating mode, if the system is maintained as it should and operates properly. In snow storms it is extremely important to keep your outdoor unit clear of ice and snow. If you do this, it will help the unit defrost itself.

  1. Turn off … your heater

Turn off my heater in winter? What are you talking about? Well, this is another method to cut on electric costs – turning off the heater at the circuit breaker box when you’re done with your daily activities involving hot water. Then turn it back on about 45 minutes before planning to take a shower or bath and again turn it off before going to bed in case if your morning routine includes a 30 minute gap between waking up and getting into the shower. Usually 30-45 minutes is enough to heat water to the desired temperature. This might take a few days to develop the habit but the savings are imminent next time you receive the heating bill.

Your water heater on and off times will differ from that of your neighbor, of course, but you will never believe how much money is wasted on heating water that never gets used (this sum ranges from $20-$40 monthly). However, the mentioned savings strategy may work for an electric hot-water heater, but a gas or fuel oil model thermostat will get damaged if you frequently turn down the water temperature and a damaged thermostat will have to get replaced eventually.

  1. Purchase a tankless water heater or natural gas on demand and reduce natural gas costs

If you are considering a tankless water heater for your home, it would be a more expensive purchase. Although, this long-term investment does pay back, since the technology has been advancing rapidly in the last decade. It is not just that the life span of a tankless water heater is longer; consider also the benefits of cleaner water. A regular tank collects mineral build-up over time.

A natural gas water heater on demand is another great option. It also helps you to save money on your electricity bills, if your family members are responsible enough to limit water usage.

Poor venting design of some old-fashioned hot water heaters is a cause of significant household heat loss. The heat from such a house leaks from this vent 24/7 no matter if you use your heater or not.

To maximize hot water delivery, consider installing a tankless water heater near where it will be used most or in a centralized spot. A smart move would be to place it in a location that is close to the kitchen or bathroom.

And the last tip to remember is when your electronic devices are in “off” mode, they still consume power.

Hopefully, all the mentioned strategies will help you stay warm in winter as well as provide some savings on your heating bills. If you got interested in the topic and have more questions, contact Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and receive answers from our specialists.

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