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Fighting Mold and Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean

Every time you turn your air conditioner on, mold formed in it can spread throughout your home. Exposure to mold leads to countless health problems, including allergic reactions and respiratory disorders. That’s why air conditioning mold needs to be removed immediately.

Is there Mold in Your Air Conditioner?

Check your air conditioning ducts for mold, if you smell a nasty odor in a room but don’t notice mold anywhere. To exclude the existence of mold in your AC ducts, invite a certified mold tester to inspect it for mold.

How Do You Get Rid of Air Conditioning Mold?

Some homeowners choose to solve a household mold problem on their own, but we recommend calling in a professional in case of discovering AC mold. It can be hard for you to access all segments of the air conditioning ductwork, but specialists have all the necessary equipment for the job, such as air whips or air skippers driving dirt, mold, dust and other debris toward collection devices supplied with filters. Professionals are able to do the job accurately and safely, so that you and your family won’t be exposed to dangerous mold spores during the process of taking mold out from your AC ducts.

Preventing Air Conditioning Mold

Preventing the development of mold in your air conditioning system is much better than having to remove it later. Keeping your air conditioning ducts clean and free of dirt and trash reduces the possibility of mold growth, if there is no organic substance in the ducts on which mold feeds. In order to successfully grow, mold also needs water. Condensation inside air conditioning ducts often supplies just enough moisture for mold to flourish. Make sure there is no stagnant water inside your air conditioning ducts, if there is, have your AC system serviced as soon as possible.

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