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Garbage Disposal Gone Bad?

If the garbage disposal lets you down, what can you do?

First check the reset button. Look for it on the bottom of the garbage disposal. Press it and then try the unit again.

A jammed disposal can be freed by turning the disposal manually. There is usually a hex-shaped socket at the bottom of the disposal. Using a proper sized hex wrench, turn the unit back and forth manually to free a jam.

A completely unresponsive disposal may be disconnected. Check the switch, the breaker, or the fuses, as applicable. Test the socket with another appliance to insure that there is power.

A leak may mean a faulty disposal unit that needs to be replaced. There may also be a leak in your plumbing. Check it yourself, or call in a professional.

Normal operation of the disposal with no grinding of the garbage may mean the blades are broken. That is best fixed by replacing the disposal unit. If water doesn’t run through, and you feel sure the disposal is not at fault, then there is a drainage problem farther down the line. You might want to get that looked at by a plumber.

After these quick checks and fixes, your disposal may be running again. If not, it’s probably time to replace that garbage disposal.

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