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Help for clogged drains:

Drain clogs can happen to anyone. That being the case, it is a good thing to know the best ways to unclog a drain. We should also know and practice good prevention to keep the clog from forming in the first place. Usually, drain clogs can be cleared by the home owner without having to call the plumber.

Different drains require different clearing techniques, of course. Your sink drains will likely have an accessible bend under them. This section can be removed to allow an auger to be inserted in order to reach and remove the clog. A bathtub or shower drain may well have no access except the drain hole itself. Of course, different drains will have different clog problems, food and kitchen waste in one, and hair in another. As to the toilet, who knows what’s been put in there?

If the situation does get out of control, you can always call on your local plumbing service to help. They will have a combination of modern diagnostic tools and old fashioned know-how that will enable them to clear your clog and get you back to a state of plumbing perfection.

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