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High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heaters:

There is no time like the present to purchase and install a new water heater. With energy costs on the  rise, a new water heater can save you lots of money, and save our planet’s dwindling natural resources as well. The new water heaters are so much more efficient than the older models. While all types of  water heaters have been improved and made more efficient, the natural gas water heaters are among the best and most fuel-efficient types available today.

The most common home water heater type is the storage tank style. There are electric models of these, but the natural gas storage tank style water heaters can cost as little as one-third the energy bills to  operate. Natural gas is an excellent and cost-saving choice, but there are excellent and highly efficient electric and other models available as well. Your local plumbing and heating contractor is the best  resource to call for advice concerning the installation of a new water heater.

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