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Home Heating Safety Inspection

It is important to keep your home warm in the winter, for comfort’s sake. But home heating systems can be dangerous when they are not working properly. For safety and system efficiency, we should have our heating systems inspected annually. Not only will this save money on heating bills, it can save lives.

It is possible to inspect your home system yourself. You will need to use careful safety practices, of course. You should shut off the power to any system before you get into it. With power off, you can clean blower or fan motors and blades. You should look for soot buildup while you are in there, as that is a sign that fuel is not being burned completely. Any soot buildup must be considered a warning sign and a professional should be called in.

For greatest safety assurance and to maximize savings on energy costs, it is best to schedule an annual inspection by a qualified professional. Your local heating, plumbing, and air conditioning service can inspect your system, recommend any needed repairs or upgrades, and help you to a warm and safe winter season.

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