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How to avoid plumbing disaster on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of celebration for the whole American nation and while it means turkey dinners, family reunions and football for most of the people, for your home drains and sewers across the USA, it means excessive grease going down the pipes… The problem with grease has aggravated in the last 25 years as the population in the States grows rapidly and sewer systems, some being in use up to 100 years, become more fragile.

You see, for some cooks (especially if they are just guests at your home trying to help), the easiest way to get rid of fat from turkeys, bacon grease and roasts is to pour it down the kitchen drain. They might not be aware of grease hardening and trapping food scraps, as a result clogging the pipes. When that happens on Thanksgiving or the next day, you don’t have any other choice as to invite a local plumber to your holiday. If you want to avoid his visit during celebration, make sure not to do stupid things that provide work for the plumbers.

So as you prepare for Thanksgiving season this year, make sure your home plumbing system is in a great working condition before the arrival of guests. Check the guest toilet, guest bathroom, and garbage disposal to ensure their proper operation beforehand. Follow the following advice on how to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing disaster, and your family and friends will thank you for being such a wonderful host!

The Guest Toilet

It should be checked first when it comes to Thanksgiving preparations. There is nothing more embarrassing than a clogged toilet while the relatives are visiting. The increased amount of toilet flushes will be hard enough on your draining pipes, so make sure non-flushable items (such as wet wipes, feminine products and hair) do not get into your toilet. If you need, post a sign, warning your quests about “proper” flushing and have a garbage can at hand’s reach to dispose of those products instead.

The Guest Bathroom

If any of your family members are staying overnight, it would be wise to prepare the guest bathroom as well. Place a strainer over the shower drain to trap hairs and prevent it from clogging. Also make sure the water pressure is adjusted accurately (by cleaning the shower head) and the water temperature is appropriate – neither hot, nor cold.

The Garbage Disposal

A large amount of food scraps, including fibrous vegetables and starchy foods usually accompany a big meal preparation. A garbage disposal in this case would become a great tool in proper disposal of food waste without clogging your plumbing lines. Make sure that it is maintained well and running like clockwork. Let every “helper” in your kitchen know how to use the disposal unit.

No corn husks, no grease, no bones, no potato and carrot peels, no egg shells, no lettuce and, of course, no metal should be put in the garbage disposal.

In case if you need a complete check-up of your plumbing system before Thanksgiving Day, contact Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning and avoid plumber’s visit during holidays.




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