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How To Winterize Your Water Heater:

You may have heard someone refer to “winterizing a water heater” and wondered what that means. Often it means the process of draining a water heater to get ready for leaving a building empty and unheated for the winter. This phrase could also refer to preparing a water heater to save energy during the winter by improving efficiency as well.

The draining process will be part of shutting off the water supply and draining all the water lines, to avoid freezing damage. The insulation process help to reduce the heat loss in the water heater tank and the pipes leading away from it, in order to save energy costs.

If you are not able to do these steps yourself, or if you are not very confident about dealing with the electric or gas energy sources, you may wish to contact a local specialist to help you with your winterizing. If you call in a plumbing and heating specialist, they can also check for any repairs or upgrades that you may need. Steps to protect and improve your plumbing and heating now will pay off in savings, safety, and pleasure when you return next season for summer fun.

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