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Innovations in Plumbing

Innovative technology in plumbingAs homeowners we often take plumbing at our home for granted and forget about it as soon as we have installed a plumbing system or fixture. Little do we know that quality plumbing matters, saving us our time, efforts and money in the long run. Certain plumbing innovations that have occurred over just the past few years have greatly improved the lifestyle of the average person around the globe.

Innovative technology in plumbing has taken many forms in the past few years – from innovative products to latest plumbing tech options designed to make the kitchen and bathroom more appealing and usable, keep living spaces cleaner or protect the environment by using eco-friendly products. At present the homeowners are more willingly making greater investments in their home plumbing projects.

It is also important to take into account that as younger consumers move towards more high-tech living spaces, these tech-driven options in plumbing will certainly impact a potential consumer demand.

Some of the latest technological trends in the plumbing category are described below. Read on to find out what role they play in the plumbing development.

Plumbing Innovations Add Value and Comfort to Your Home

Innovations in plumbing-3Homeowners usually start with upgrading their kitchen or bathroom, where they usually spend most of their time, thus they would usually consider plumbing projects that will both customize their homes and make them more comfortable at their own homes.

For example, more products provide streaming of live music to the showers through wireless technology. There are systems that even allow users to monitor lighting and water pressure through a digital interface.

LED lights are another example – they are also being integrated into plumbing products. They include lights in toilet bowls, which illuminate it for the nighttime use. Also popular on the scene are LED light rings in bathroom sinks that glow in red or blue, indicating water temperature.

Eco-friendly Products Save Resources and Money

Eco-friendly water heaterDishwashers eco-friendlyEnvironmental products are not only rather affordable, but they also save money by reducing water use over time without compromising day-to-day water usage.

Dishwashers are one example of an appliance that combines both technology and eco-friendly functions. Manufacturers keep developing products that meet higher energy-efficiency standards and conserve water – some even reuse water from the rinse cycle for the next wash. The use of a so-called smart dishwasher helps an average family who washes dishes four times a week save up to 700 gallons of water each year.

Another eco-friendly product that is becoming quite popular in the plumbing category is the tankless water heater. A conventional water heater is an insulated tank storing 20 to 80 gallons of water. Tankless water heaters provide constant hot water flow as well as energy savings. It is believed that tankless water heaters consume about 22 % less energy than their conventional-type counterparts. However, overall tankless units tend to be more expensive.


Plumbing Innovations Lead to a Healthier Home

If you want to keep your home healthy, several new plumbing products might help you in maintaining a more hygienic living space. Touch-free faucets are becoming an option that a lot of homeowners consider, since they allow homeowners to enjoy a hands-free experience at the same time avoiding the spread of germs and contaminants.

Touch-free faucetsThere is also such a trend as a touchless toilet in the bathroom – it would flush when you wave your hand above the toilet. After the process the toilet lid will automatically shut without slamming. However, touchless technology is not as popular as one would expect it to be.

Many homeowners are also attracted to different plumbing products that filter water on demand. One of the examples is the filter for water filtering systems inside their refrigerators.

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