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Install Sump Pump

Like an automobile airbag, a sump pump is something you do not want to have to use. If you do need it though, it can really be a life saver. These pumps are available in either manual or automatic type, with battery operated backup sump pumps available as well.

If you do not have a sump existing in your basement floor, it is possible to create one yourself. You can use a saw with a special masonry blade, a powered chisel, of even a pick and shovel. In some way, a hole to collect water and contain the pump must be created. You will need to have a screen, to filter debris and avoid clogging the pump. You can have a float type switch, that will turn the pump on when the water level rises. If you seldom have water problems, you may get by with a manual pump, that you turn on yourself when you need it. Any type sump pump you install will need a hose to carry away the water. It is important to have this empty in a proper and legal location.

Help is available, if you need it. Your local plumber will know exactly what is needed in your area. That expert professional will be able to recommend and install a sump pump that will keep your home safe from damage by water intrusion.

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