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Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Plumbing

Maintenance tips for commercial plumbingA commercial plumbing system undergoes constant wear and tear during your business operation hours. Many business owners do not maintain their pipes, sinks or toilets until something breaks down. To keep your business functional and productive, it’s imperative to take your commercial plumbing seriously and the following steps are directed to help you prevent commercial plumbing issues from occurring.

These 10 basic maintenance tips will save you the headache and avert a lot of major plumbing disasters in the future.

  1. Little plumbing problems shouldn’t be neglected

A water leak can develop even in the most advanced pipes, faucets, or fixtures over time. A small leak of a few drops can rise up your water bills significantly over the year. Make sure you pay attention to any little leaks or dripping faucets so that they don’t get the chance to grow bigger.

  1. Watch out for blocked drains Blocked drains

Blocked drains can become a source of messy overflow. Some materials, including leaves, grease, paper, food leftovers and others can clog drains. Drain pipes can also be infiltrated by tree roots that break drain pipes, causing leaks or forming a clog that is pretty hard to remove.

  1. Flush the right stuff

The only things you should flush down your toilet are human waste and toilet paper. It is easier said than done, especially when you have a company or a business. In this case educate your employees and put signs in the bathrooms because any other material sent down the toilet can result in a clog, creating a nasty backup or overflow in your toilet. Remind them about conservative water usage and things that are safe to flush down the toilet. Have your workers report to a manager any signs of a plumbing trouble.

  1. Install a water softener

Hard water contains minerals that pollute your drinking water. However, hard water can also harm your plumbing system – if it is subjected to hard water for quite some time, your pipes will collect heavy mineral deposits. Purchase and install a water softener to protect your pipes and also improve your water quality.
Where the shut off valves

  1. Find out where the shutoff valves are located

When a toilet suddenly overflows or a pipe bursts out, you must shut off the water immediately to prevent further damage. In order to do that, you need to know where the shut off valves are. This knowledge will definitely prevent the existing problem from getting worse.

  1. Prevent frozen pipes

One major plumbing maintenance tip, especially in winter season, has to do with preventing frozen pipes. Plumbing insulation around your pipes will help you to deal with the issue. Call the plumbing expert to insulate your pipes and get them ready for winter beforehand.

  1. Reduce water pressure

Many of the issues that concern your commercial plumbing could be the result of the excessive water pressure. So reduce the water pressure if that is what your commercial plumbing system requires.

  1. Do not delay and resolve the plumbing issues early

Small issues tend to grow into bigger ones. If there is a leak in your bathroom faucet, take care of the situation ASAP before it gets more complicated and consequently more expensive to fix.

  1. Upgrade your pipes

Your business can be located in an older building and still have the original pipes. It would be best to repipe your commercial facility in this case. New pipes are safer and less prone to damage. The investment you make today will repay for the years ahead.

  1. Choose and constantly deal with a reliable plumber

If your company happens to have a reliable plumbing professional who maintains the plumbing work at your commercial site, good for you. But if you don’t have a regular plumbing expert, Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is a company to go to. Having been in plumbing business for over 80 years, we have earned a reputation of a trustworthy, reliable and highly qualified company. You are welcomed to check our plumbers’ licensing and credentials before hiring. Call us for additional questions.

Take care of your commercial plumbing today, and it will sure take care of your entire business tomorrow!

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