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New Homes May Have Plumbing Problems:

Even in a newly-constructed home, plumbing problems may arise. How is this possible, you may ask? Even if your home is new, mistakes and improper techniques in installation and the use of poor-quality materials and fixtures may lead to plumbing failures latter on. Your fine new home may conceal problems just waiting to happen behind the walls and under the floors.

If your home is new to you, but not really of new construction, you may very well be inheriting plumbing problems from the previous owners. If the water is on when you view the home in your pre-purchase visit, which is often not the case, your walking from room to room while turning the taps briefly and flushing the toilets may not reveal problems that may show up with daily usage. You may find issues include drainage problems, root invasion into pipes, and seal and valve failures after living in the home for a while that did not show up on casual inspection. Consider consulting a plumbing expert before you buy, to save you problems down the line. Your local qualified plumber can also help you with needed improvements or additions, like water treatment or upgraded fixtures and appliances.

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