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Plumbing Resolutions for the New Year

We have just celebrated the New Year of 2016. Usually on New Year’s Eve people make all kinds of noble resolutions that are broken a couple of weeks after. However, not all resolutions are meant to be broken! Part of our resolutions should be decisions to take a better care of yourself, your family and friends. Your home should not be neglected either, that’s why your plumbing should also fall into the category of positive resolutions for the year to come.

To ensure a better functioning of your plumbing this upcoming year, check out the list of some easy ways that would help you avoid a visit from the plumber. Here they are:

Treat Your Garbage Disposal Well:

Garbage disposal wasn’t designed to swallow everything that you offer it from your plate. Make sure only the permitted products go inside the disposal (read the manual). Do not forget to run water when using your disposal to cut on waste buildup that produces nasty odors in the house.

Your Toilet is not a Trashcan:

Do not flush things such as Q-Tips, hair, tampons, wet wipes, plastic medication containers down your toilet. The bathrooms are there for another reason!

Cut Down On Your Water Usage:

Have you ever thought how much water you use on a daily basis? We might not notice it, but actually we waste a lot! If you make simple adjustments (such as turning the water off when brushing your teeth) to your water using habits, this will not just save you money but save as many as 3.000 gallons of water a year! All it takes is to be wise with running water in your home.

Give Your Bathroom A Different Look:

It would be a great idea to slightly change your bathroom’s look. New decor can be refreshing to everyone in your family as well as guests that come over on a regular basis. A homeowner can easily handle simple upgrades such as replacing faucets or installing different cabinets, but this will produce a significant impact on your bathrooms style and value. However, larger plumbing jobs are better to leave to the pros.

Warm Up Your Pipes For The Winter:

When cold temperatures strike, don’t let your pipes suffer. Burst pipes are a huge inconvenience and very expensive to repair. Make sure to insulate your pipes beforehand to avoid plumbing disasters in the future.

Hopefully this list will remind you how you can better care for your home in the year 2016. Follow this advice and plumbing problems around your house would be minimized. However, if you ever find yourself experiencing any kind of a plumbing emergency that requires the help of a skillful plumber, contact Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

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