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Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

As the winter slowly begins to wind down, it’s time to give some thought to spring cleaning your home.  While you are at it, you should have a reputable plumber check the following items in your home.

  • Have all faucets checked for drips or leaks. Making repairs now will save you money in the long run;
  • Check all drains for strainers that can help prevent hair, soap and debris from causing problems due to build up;
  • Your toilet may have a leak that you’re not aware of. A reputable, licensed plumber can check and make sure there are no leaks;
  • Make sure that your plumber inspects both your toilet tank and bowl for cracks or leaks that could cause problems;
  • All water supply valves under sinks and toilets should be checked to ensure they are operating freely;
  • Check to see if the toilet handle has to be held down for proper flushing or it needs to be jiggled to stop  water running.  If so, your plumber may recommend you replace worn tank parts. This will help keep your water bill lower as well.

These are just a few things that can be done to prepare your home plumbing system for spring.

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