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Quick Fixes for AC issues:

Summer is hot; AC is awesome. These two truths go well together. But if the second part is no longer true, we have a problem.

If your AC seems to be letting you down, make a few quick checks and try these tips before you make a call to the air conditioning repair people.

A: Filters first – The first thing AC techs do, and the first thing you should do, is to check and change your filters.

B: Set properly – Make sure your thermostat is set properly and functioning as it should.

C: Clean up – Clear debris and obstructions, trim back plant growth around the outside air intake system.

If you try these, you may find you have cured the condition. But if not, your local air conditioning people will be able to help. They can repair your system, and even advise on a new highly-efficient air conditioner that will save you money while keeping you cool and comfortable.

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