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Ramps, stairs and doorways

Ramps are not just for wheelchair use. A ramp can be easier to use for anyone with a disability in walking. When having a ramp built you should consider the potential for ice build up if your home is in a cold climate. Have tread added that will provide a solid grip for footing or wheelchair use.

Doorways can be widened to make wheelchair or walker access easier. Changing the style of a door is also an option, especially where space and mobility are concerned. Bi-fold doors may be easier to open and close while also taking up less space in smaller bathroom areas. For office or living areas, it may be best to remove the door completely.

When considering doorways, also keep the threshold in mind. Thresholds should be as unobtrusive as possible to prevent tripping or allow for easy wheelchair access. In many cases the threshold can be completely removed between areas that do not change in floor height or flooring material.

While most homeowners might find an elevator to be too costly an option access to lower and higher floors may still be required. While stair lifts are described as being a do-it-yourself type of installation, professional assistance would be preferred. Stair lifts work best on straight stairways. There are options available for curved stairs but the cost and installation problems make them just as expensive as a small personal elevator.

Stair lifts do have various lifting options available depending on the type of assistance needed. A small chair unit will work for anyone with basic mobility and these can be folded out of the way for regular stair use. Other styles of lifts included a car type or a platform. Platform units are design for standing but can also be used for wheelchair access.

Installation for basic stair lifts can be professionally completed in just a few hours. Many types are available for under $1,500 dollars. When the ability of a homeowner to remain in his or her own home is factored in, the price of a lift is very reasonable. When you need home remodeling work completed, contact a California home remodeling specialist to get the job done right the first time.

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