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We Recommend Commercial Jetting for Your Business

Commercial hydro jettingIn a variety of commercial facilities, whether it is a restaurant, office building, hospital, church building, school, store or other, it is clear that plumbing system is under substantial pressure of business demands.  If the pipes get clogged, it results in a major disruption to the whole business or organization. Hiring a professional plumbing contractor to conduct commercial hydro jetting services can eliminate that risk.

The following are the two main benefits to using this very specialized type of job.

  1. Commercial hydro jetting is very effective in cleaning clogged drains.

Hydro jetting is the process of using high-pressured water to blast out grease deposits from your sewer line. It also uses high-pressure jets of water to remove debris and buildup inside the plumbing pipes. This method does not only manage to break up solid debris into a lot of little pieces, but it also flushes them away, ensuring that your pipes are clog-free. Lately special nozzles have been designed to also rip out tree roots that made their way into your pipes.

  1. Hydro jetting is safer than other methods.

Other methods for unclogging your commercial pipelines apply chemicals, which can corrode PVC pipes, and the standard drain snake, which may also damage pipes.

Sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide are mainly used for cleaning the pipes but they are not always effective in breaking up solid clogs. And since a drain snake’s cable needs to be pushed down as it rotates into the pipe, it could end up cracking the lines.

Hydro jetting uses only water, so most likely any damage to your commercial pipes is limited. The method might be a bit more expensive than using chemicals and drain snakes. But it is worth your investment because of its effectiveness and safety.

When is the time to schedule commercial jetting?


There are three major signs that indicate that your commercial plumbing requires hydro-jetting.  

  • Foul smells coming from drains. As a commercial owner of a restaurant you would want to avoid the embarrassment of sewer-like odors coming from drains and welcoming your customers. The moment these smells are discovered, contact commercial plumbers to find out the cause. Waste and deposits could be trapped in the drainpipes causing smells and in this case commercial hydro-jetting will easily solve the problem.
  • Slow drains have become a real issue. As the sewer and drainpipes get covered with organic waste, the drains will operate much slower. If slow drains have become the real issue at your business facility, schedule drain cleaning from commercial plumbers as soon as possible.
  • Heavy clogging.

The following conditions might cause clogging of the pipes:

  1. Accumulation of pressure between some object (like diaper stuck in the sewer drain line, do not ask how it got there) and the inner perimeter of the pipe will definitely cause an obstruction in the line. It is just too much diaper to get through the line at once!
  2. A buildup of debris at the location of a pipe defect.

When accumulation in the drains leads to shutting off or bursting of the pipes, commercial hydro-jetting is the best solution! It will break through the clog and clean the drain to prevent the problems from reoccurring.

Hydro-jetting is the responsible job meant for licensed commercial plumbers. An expert would know how to handle the complicated equipment and how to adjust pressure to nozzle direction to clean the pipes and not harm them. At Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning our professional plumbers will do the job quickly and guarantee the best quality.

Some businesses may only need one or two hydro-jet cleanings a year, while others benefit from more frequent cleanings. Our professionals can recommend a commercial jetting service schedule that suits the needs of your business completely.

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