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Setting Your Home Hot Water Heater

Setting the temperature for your home water heater can be as easy as turning a dial. Choosing what setting you use may be a little more complicated. There are risk factors to be considered, balancing health, safety, and savings. In the end you must decide what is best for yourself and your family.

To test water temperature you can use a cooking thermometer. Also available are the digital instant read models that don’t even have to touch the surface, but only be pointed in the right direction. The  temperature is usually taken at the tap closest to the water heater. A water heater set to 140 degrees F should deliver at least 122 degree water at the tap.

If you are not sure that your home water heater is as safe or efficient as you want it to be, call your local plumbing expert. A trained professional can advise you, and help you balance health, safety, and savings. Your local plumbing pro can install a water heater that you will keep you clean, healthy, and happy for years to come.

* Image courtesy of DOE

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