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Summer air conditioning problems

Since most people are vacationing and spending more time outdoors during the summer, minor plumbing problems are often missed before they turn into major problems. In addition, air conditioning use is on the rise and cooling bills are hitting record highs. However, one way to keep your cooling bills low is to make sure that your air conditioning system is running at maximum efficiency.  Residential customers are often advised to change their filters and make sure that their air conditioning ducts are free from debris. This is especially important for commercial air conditioning systems.

Comfort for employees and clients

Commercial properties often have large windows. Inevitably, this means that your air conditioning system works harder to keep your office cool.  Since you cannot control the number of windows in your property, there are some things that you can do to save money on summer cooling costs.

Properly maintained system – Make sure your commercial unit is in proper working order.  Any drag on your system caused by a sluggish compressor may mean that it is working harder in order to keep the right level of cool air in your property. In addition, a properly maintained compressor is safer and reduces the risk of shorts in your electrical system.

Filter maintenance – Depending on how often your air conditioning unit is running, you may need to change your filter as much as two to three times annually. This not only allows your unit to run more efficiently, it also ensures that the air that is being filtered from your system is as clean as possible. This may help reduce the health risks from debris in your filters.

Outside maintenance – Your air conditioning system casing is typically outside of your building.  This means that rodents, dirt, debris and roots may infiltrate the area of your unit. These problems can cause lasting damage to your air conditioning unit if left unattended.

Thermostat – Your thermostat must be working properly or you may be using more energy than necessary to keep your building cool at the proper levels.  Having your thermostat checked is inexpensive and can save you hundreds of dollars in costs over the course of a year.

Many summer air conditioning problems can be avoided with proper maintenance. Whether you need routine air conditioning services or emergency air conditioning services, make sure that you contact a trusted air conditioning technician.

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