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Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Tankless, or on-demand water heaters are high tech units that provide continual supply of hot water throughout your entire property. Since they heat water only when it’s needed, they save a lot of energy, unlike a tank water heater that is designed to heat water in the tank continuously. The potential of the tankless unit is up to 50% in energy savings over a standard tank water heater. Tankless water heaters are also quite complicated plumbing devices available for home, consequently they require appropriate maintenance to ensure their efficient and reliable performance. Make it a routine to take a good care of your tankless water heater and read on to find out how to do it with the help of the following tips.Tankless water heater maintenance tips

  1. How Often Should You Clean Your Tankless Water Heater?

No matter for how long you have owned your tankless water heater, you obviously have questions about how often you should clean the unit.

Over time a tankless water heater may accumulate mineral deposits which can erode the walls inside the tank’s heating chamber. To maintain and clean your tankless water heater, it’s important to flush those mineral deposits at least once a year. However, the region where you live and your water quality may change the frequency of flushes a year.

If the water is hard in your area, your tankless water heater will have to be flushed more often. If you’re not sure about water quality in your area, you can always make a request concerning it at your city government. All cities should provide their residents with monthly or quarterly reports on the condition of municipal water.

If you already have a trusted plumbing professional, he can also help you decide how often you should flush out your water heater. In case if you don’t know anyone who can help you with this issue, Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is there to help.

  1. Taking Care of the Tankless Water Heater Exterior

If as a homeowner, you ventured at least a few DIY home maintenance projects, then exterior maintenance of your tankless water heater won’t require too much time or extra supplies.

Begin with wiping down the cover. A non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth keep the unit free of dust and prevent rust development.

Next, inspect the pipes. Checking pipes during cold weather protects them from freezing. In mild climate zones it’s still smart to watch out for cracks or splits in the pipe insulation.

Finally, if your tankless water heater has a pressure relief valve, you should check it. Not all tankless units have this feature. If you’re not sure about where this pressure relief valve is located, ask our plumber for help.

Exterior maintenance usually takes about 20 minutes.

  1. Lower the Temperature

There are certain important reasons why you should consider lowering the tankless water heater temperature:

  • The risk of scalding decreases
  • Energy costs are reduced
  • Increased heat causes water heaters to deteriorate faster
  • Children and the elderly are more likely to be scalded

It can be difficult to determine what temperature you should set your water heater at. Our professional plumbers from Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning will be happy to assist you with this task. Consult our specialist via the phone or better by setting an appointment and we’ll gladly come and explain everything on the spot.

  1. Clean the Air Intake Filter

While maintaining your water heater, you should also clean the air intake filter. The air intake filter prevents debris from moving inside your tankless water heater. Cleaning the filter keeps air flowing smoothly into the unit.

It is possible to reach the air intake filter by removing the tankless water heater face plate – check the user manual for specific instructions if needed. After you got the filter out, rinse it carefully with clean water, then dry it with paper towels or soft clean cloth before reinstalling it. Disconnect your hoses, screw on all service caps tightly, then open the cold and hot water valves and restore power or gas to the unit. Check for and address any leaks. In case if you want to have the qualified plumber clean the air intake filter for you, contact our company today and we will provide you with all the necessary services.

  1. Need to Schedule Tankless Water Heater Maintenance on a Regular Basis?

Maintenance routine, including tankless water heater cleaning, should be performed at least once a year. You may need to take care of simpler tasks, such as wiping down the exterior of the unit, more often, especially if the area where you installed the water heater easily gets dusty.

While you can take care of basic maintenance on your own, why not let our team from Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning assist you with the maintenance? We’re always eager to schedule routine descaling and yearly service for your tankless water heater. Contact us today for an estimate.

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