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The Flange Plunger Does the Job:

What can a person do when you pull the toilet handle, and instead of going decently away, the contents start to rise and overflow? You may panic, but that won’t help. If you can get to the top of the toilet tank in time, you can close the flap to stop the flow. Good plumbing installation and good maintenance are both helpful as well, and might have prevented the problem. But, when the worst happens, there’s no friend like a good old flange plunger. That’s the type with the bell shape, with some sort of extension. The flat-ended one is good for a sink clog, but not the best for a clogged toilet. Hopefully you have one handy when you need it.

But what if you’re in unfamiliar, perhaps hostile, territory, perhaps over at your in-laws house? Is there any hope of having to ask for a plunger, other than closing the lid and the door, saying a hasty good-bye, and not claiming the mess you’ve made? Really, you shouldn’t try that. They are bound to notice, eventually. They will remember you , not in a good way, and may bring the incident up at the most unfavorable times. You can put some hot water in the toilet, and hope that it will soften the blockage enough that it will go down. You can try a cautious flush, with the top off the toilet and ready to manually close the flap that stops the water flow. It’s a faint ray of hope, but better than none at all. Hot water is still good, even if you’ve done the right thing and asked for the toilet plunger. A little hot water and perhaps some liquid soap will help clear up the clog. Seat the flange plunger, get the plunging action going, and get rid of the clog.

If that doesn’t work, it’s time to call the plumber. Your local plumbing professional will be able to clear the most stubborn clog. They won’t even mind. Your plumber has the tools and techniques needed, and is well prepared to deal with your every plumbing emergency.

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