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Tips To Prevent Mold Growth In Bathrooms

Mold in the bathroomA lot of people constantly fight mold in their bathrooms. But it doesn’t go anywhere. And the problem remains. Is it possible to get rid of mold in the bathroom altogether or are there any ways to prevent mold and do not let it spread? Read on to find out!

Mold flourishes in warm, moist and humid conditions. The bathroom is an ideal environment for mold growth. The most frequent types of mold that thrives indoors include alternaria, aspergillus, cladosporium and penicillium. The overall health of the home’s inhabitants is threatened by mold in the bathroom and should be taken seriously. It is essential to remove mold and to prevent it from developing again in the future. Cleaning the current mold problem is always difficult, that’s why the best way to avoid a moldy bathroom is to prevent mold growth by keeping it dry from the very beginning.

Humidity is usually the main cause for bathroom mold, so always controlling the humidity level and ventilation will be a good idea. The most common places for mold growth are tiles and grout, shower curtains and bathmats, sinks and toilets, as well as ceilings, windows and walls. Unfortunately, mold can appear practically everywhere.

The following are a few tips on how to prevent mold growth in your bathroom

  1. Make sure an effective fan is installed in your bathroom and run the fan regularly.

If there is more than one bathroom in your home, make sure that all the bathrooms have a ventilation fan that is the appropriate size for your area. Do not turn your fan off right after you took a shower. Run it during and after your shower for at least 30 minutes to ensure that excessive moisture is dragged out and cannot attach to the ceiling and walls. Set the fan on timer if needed.

  1. Make good use of your squeegee.

If you don’t have a squeegee at your home, it is time to buy one. Excess water on the walls after bath procedures is inevitable, go over the walls of your bathroom with a squeegee to remove it. The moisture will be significantly reduced as a result of this simple practice.

  1. Put your shower products on a soap dish or rack.

If your bottles of shampoo and body wash are left sitting on a solid surface, it is likely that water will be trapped under and behind them. Put your shower essentials on a soap dish or storage rack to keep air circulating and wash the dish and rack regularly.

  1. Wash shower curtains, towels and bathmats frequently.

No matter how careful you are, the shower curtain and bathmat will get wet every time. And they are predictably a breeding ground for mold. It’s important to wash your towels every 2-3 days, and to wash your shower curtain and bathmat once every 7 days.

  1. Replace cracked grout in your tile.

Water and moisture can get behind cracked grout and cause mold to grow behind the tile or wood, which is why it’s crucial to seal it. Thoroughly clean the area before re-sealing the tile with new grout.

  1. Fix leaks.

Leaky pipes and seals attached to toilets and sinks should be examined on a regular basis. If there is a water leak, it should be taken care of immediately. Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning experts are always one call away to repair water leaks, as well as examine any damage to your property.

  1. Pass on these tips to all family members or tenants.

Keep everyone in your family aware of these simple practices, and you’ll manage to prevent mold from taking any ground in your bathroom.

Stick to these tips and your bathroom will always stay clean, shiny and free of mold!

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