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Toilet problems:

Your toilet is clogged, and you want to clear it yourself, without calling a plumber. What do you do? In such a case, there is no friend like the drain snake or plumber’s auger. With good luck and the proper application of the right tool, you may avoid making the call to the plumbing professional. You will need a drain snake, as it is the most effective tool for the job.

Being prepared with the proper tool, you may approach the clogged toilet and consider the situation before getting to work. Notice that your drain snake has a kind of twisty, wiry end on it. This is because it is designed to twist into the clog and pull it back out. It may be possible to break up the cog and have it flush decently away. But there could be a solid mass of material that may need to be withdrawn and disposed of properly.

If the drain snake cannot reach the clog or cannot dislodge it, you may be ready to call on your local plumbing professional. With the proper tools and modern diagnostic methods, they will be able to quickly cure your plumbing problem.

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