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Tuneup Your AC and have a Cool Summer

All across the country, it is time to start thinking about air conditioning. Actually, it’s way too late to start thinking about it, for some of us. We should have started doing something about it weeks ago. But whether it is almost time, high time, or past time, here are some things to think about when considering an AC tuneup.

Something you can do yourself is to clean up around the area. If the wind has blown leaves or any kind of debris around your air conditioning unit, clean it up. If someone has piled bags or boxes or maybe some old lawn furniture around your AC unit, clean that up. If the plants nearby have grown up close to the air conditioner, trim them back. Your AC unit has to have a good supply of free-flowing air in order to work properly.

You can also deal with the filters. Many home systems have the disposable type filters. Those are easy to remove and replace. Some types of filters get cleaned instead of replaced. Either way, that’s a job you’ll want to take care of for sure. Dirty filters can really inhibit performance and even lead to failure.

In some cases you can check and clear the condensation drain. If you know how, go ahead. The AC will need to be running in order for you to be able to tell if it is clear or not. A plugged drain is no joke. Serious water damage can be the result. You should know how to check, or get someone to check for you.

Changing filters and making sure there isn’t a pile of stuff around the air conditioner are things most anyone can do. When it comes to the electrical and plumbing work, you might want to think about calling in a professional contractor. A trained and experienced professional will be able to get your air conditioning system in top shape before the onset of the hot weather.

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