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Air Conditioning

  • AC Operation in Summer

    At the height of the summer the air conditioners become our best buddies when it comes to cooling our homes as well as our brains in unbearable temperatures. Air conditioners employ about 5 % of all the electricity produced in the USA, having homeowners spend more than $11 billion a year on energy consumption according […]

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

    We all wish that our home appliance (an air-conditioner in particular) lasted a lifetime without any repairs or maintenance, but these are unreal expectations. Air conditioners serve you well, but get clogged and dirty along the way and collect hazardous bacteria inside. If neglected, these bacteria cause different health problems especially with your breathing system. […]

  • Fighting Mold and Keeping Your Air Conditioner Clean

    Every time you turn your air conditioner on, mold formed in it can spread throughout your home. Exposure to mold leads to countless health problems, including allergic reactions and respiratory disorders. That’s why air conditioning mold needs to be removed immediately. Is there Mold in Your Air Conditioner? Check your air conditioning ducts for mold, […]

  • Summer air conditioning problems

    Since most people are vacationing and spending more time outdoors during the summer, minor plumbing problems are often missed before they turn into major problems. In addition, air conditioning use is on the rise and cooling bills are hitting record highs. However, one way to keep your cooling bills low is to make sure that […]

  • Preventing problems before they start

    Homeowners can prevent plumbing, heating and air conditioning problems before they start.  Having a preventative maintenance program can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year.  Having a licensed HVAC specialist come in regularly to check your system can mean a reduced chance of costly (and inconvenient) breakdowns.  Here are some of the […]


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