• Drain Clog Help:

    You may be able to clear a clogged drain without calling on a plumber. Here are some methods to try, without resorting to possibly dangerous drain-clearing chemicals. The first step is to make sure that you know where the problem is. If there is more than one drain that is slow, you may have an […]

  • A Good Sump Pump Can Save the Day

    A sump pump in your basement is a requirement if you are facing water intrusion issues. It can save your home from damage. If you want to make use of that basement space for living, then of course you must keep it dry. Sump pumps usually last for many years and give very little trouble, […]

  • Garbage Disposal Gone Bad?

    If the garbage disposal lets you down, what can you do? First check the reset button. Look for it on the bottom of the garbage disposal. Press it and then try the unit again. A jammed disposal can be freed by turning the disposal manually. There is usually a hex-shaped socket at the bottom of […]

  • Reverse Osmosis System

    Are you thinking about a reverse osmosis water treatment system? You have heard of the advantages I’m sure, but what about any issues? Is it expensive? Can you install the system yourself? Is this the right system for your home or office? Some people are most interested in removing the “chlorine taste” or other off […]

  • Before Calling a Heating Contractor

    For the most part we take for granted that when we need our heating system we need do little more than turn on the thermostat. But, from time to time when we do this, our system simply will not start up.  There are 5 simple things you can do if your system does not start […]


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