Air Conditioning

  • Prepare your AC for summer

    Summer time means increased air conditioning use. For your family to remain comfortable during the heat of the day, your AC may run several hours a day. This also means that before the really hot weather sets in, you need to make sure that your air conditioning is ready for summer.  Here are some of […]

  • How is the ventilation in your bathroom?

    In many older homes, the only ventilation available may be from an open window. Ventilation requirements are in place for new construction to help eliminate mold and mildew build up in a frequently wet environment. If your bathroom does not have a ventilation fan, you should consider having one installed. If you already have own […]

  • Modern High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

    There are two very good reasons to consider buying a modern highly-efficient air conditioner. For starters, an efficient unit will save you considerable money over the AC’s life-time. Another consideration is saving our depleted fuel reserves and the stress on our environment. While it does cost upfront to make the purchase of a modern highly […]

  • How Does Your Air Conditioner Work?

    The majority of homeowners do not know know exactly how their AC‘s work, or care how an AC works, just as long as it does work. If it fails, they call the repair people, meanwhile feverishly  twiddling the thermostat controls and hoping for the best. But for those of us who do care how the […]

  • Heat Wave Survival:

    What do you do if your air conditioner breaks down during a heat wave? Please be careful and take the situation seriously. Heat can kill, especially the very old, very young, and those who have serious medical conditions. We should all remember to check on those most at risk. There are some steps you can […]


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