Air Conditioning

  • Quick Fixes for AC issues:

    Summer is hot; AC is awesome. These two truths go well together. But if the second part is no longer true, we have a problem. If your AC seems to be letting you down, make a few quick checks and try these tips before you make a call to the air conditioning repair people. A: […]

  • Home AC Maintenance:

    Do you think the subject of maintaining air conditioners does not apply to you? If you have an air conditioner and care how much it costs to run it this should be a subject of great interest to you. You may not be the one doing the maintenance, but someone should. Properly maintaining your AC […]

  • Air conditioning, is it good for you?

    We love air conditioning for the cool comfort we enjoy. But what about our health? Is home cooling really good for you? It is, if the AC system is used properly. Home air conditioning can be good for the elderly, the very young, and those with allergies and asthma. In order to be beneficial, the […]

  • AC Energy Savings

    This economy is affecting us all, at least to some degree. We’d all like to spend less on air conditioning and save the environmental cost of energy production as well. We can’t all afford to purchase a modern, highly efficient air conditioning system, although that might be the very best thing to do, in the […]

  • Save on high AC bills.

    As high as energy bills are these days, do you think it might be a good plan to try to save some money on air conditioning this summer? Is that even possible or a realistic goal, to save money on air conditioning, and if so, how? For sure there are ways to save on the […]


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