Heating System Maintenance

  • Home Heating Safety Inspection

    It is important to keep your home warm in the winter, for comfort’s sake. But home heating systems can be dangerous when they are not working properly. For safety and system efficiency, we should have our heating systems inspected annually. Not only will this save money on heating bills, it can save lives. It is […]

  • Setting Your Home Hot Water Heater

    Setting the temperature for your home water heater can be as easy as turning a dial. Choosing what setting you use may be a little more complicated. There are risk factors to be considered, balancing health, safety, and savings. In the end you must decide what is best for yourself and your family. To test […]

  • High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heaters:

    There is no time like the present to purchase and install a new water heater. With energy costs on the  rise, a new water heater can save you lots of money, and save our planet’s dwindling natural resources as well. The new water heaters are so much more efficient than the older models. While all […]

  • Considering Home Heating Basics:

    Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a warm climate often take our home heating systems for granted. We use our heating systems seldom. But when we want to warm the house, we expect to turn the heat on and have the house warmed. In case that doesn’t happen, or if you […]

  • Save on Heat this Winter:

    We can save money on our home heating bills. We can do this in small steps, or in major leaps. We  have to keep it safe and sensible. Saving money over time is the goal, not risking life and property by half-measures and unsafe practices. It is possible to save considerable money without spending much […]


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