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Biggest Indications of Sewer Pipe Damage

One aspect of your home that goes unnoticed in many cases but is nonetheless essential is the drainage and sewer systems. 
Some homeowners might think that these drainage and sewer pipes are indestructible and do not age, since they are not seen, but this is far from the truth. Any pipeline can sustain damage, and any pipe material will age sooner or later. The bigger question is, “How can I tell I’ve got a sewer pipe that’s damaged?” You don’t want to find out about a damaged pipe only at the point when the damage is irreversible.

Here are some of the earlier indications that you may require a professional plumber to investigate and repair the damaged sewer pipes.

8 Indications of Sever Pipe Damage

  1. Sewage back-up and blockages: backups and blockages in your pipes are one of the most obvious signs of their damage. If back-up happens on a frequent basis whenever someone at your home flushes a toilet or runs water down the drain, you could have an issue with your main sewer line.
  2. Stench of sewer gas: This is a revealing symptom of a crack in your sewage system. Sewer pipes are intended to be impenetrable, so if you can smell sewer gas, that is a major pipe damage problem and it needs to be dealt with immediately.
  3. Muddy yard: if the ground above your sewage system in the yard is muddy and swamp-like, there is most likely a broken sewer pipe. This sign is one of the most dangerous if it is left untreated, because it could lead to your yard becoming a sink hole.
  4. Mold: Like sewer gas stench, mold also brings a distinct and unpleasant smell to your home. This sign indicates a sewer pipe damage within the walls of your home, which can easily lead to health problems. Consequently, mold issues cannot be ignored.
  5. Unexplainable increase in the water bill. If there has been a significant increase in the latest water bill for no apparent reason, a leak in your sewer pipe could be the one to blame. Do not waste the precious resource and find out what the problem is, calling a professional plumber.
  6. Pipe corrosion.Inspect your pipes regularly for indications of rust and corrosion. If you have a professional take care of it early enough, you can have the pipes replaced or repaired before they become a pressing issue.
  7. Strange noises.If you hear a strange bubbling or gurgling when turning your taps on or flushing your toilets, this can be a sign that you have a serious hidden water leak. Do not let more water damage happen, consult a plumber asap.
  8. Structural water damage.If you see any signs of structural damage, you need this issue examined immediately to avoid further expensive repairs. When a pipe breaks, the water can leak under the structure of your home. Since concrete absorbs water, cracks can form. Consequently, cracks can compromise the structural integrity of an entire building. This is potentially very dangerous for all of those who are inside the building. If you notice these cracks at any time, do not hesitate in contacting the plumbing professionals from Downey Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

The mentioned signs are not exclusive, so if there are any indications of sewer pipe damage, call our licensed professionals and we will diagnose and troubleshoot the plumbing problem asap.

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